Tamil Baby Boy and Girl Names


Tamil Baby Boy Names

  1. Aravind (அரவிந்த) – “Lotus” or “Blossom”
  2. Surya (சூர்ய) – “Sun”
  3. Vikram (விக்ரம) – “Valor” or “Courage”
  4. Arun (அருண்) – “Dawn” or “Reddish glow of the rising sun”
  5. Karthik (கார்த்திக்) – The name of a month in the Tamil calendar
  6. Hari (ஹரி) – “Lord Vishnu” or “God”
  7. Vishal (விஷால) – “Huge” or “Broad”
  8. Rajesh (ராஜேஷ்) – “King of kings” or “Ruler”
  9. Ganesh (கணேஷ்) – “Lord Ganesha” (God of wisdom and prosperity)
  10. Kiran (கிரண்) – “Ray of light” or “Sunbeam”


Tamil Baby Girl Names

  1. Aishwarya (ஐஷ்வர்யா) – “Prosperity” or “Wealth”
  2. Priya (பிரியா) – “Beloved” or “Loved one”
  3. Divya (திவ்யா) – “Divine” or “Heavenly”
  4. Meera (மீரா) – A name of a famous poet-saint
  5. Lakshmi (லக்ஷ்மி) – “Goddess of wealth and prosperity”
  6. Ananya (அனந்ய) – “Incomparable” or “Unique”
  7. Swetha (ஸ்வேதா) – “Pure” or “White”
  8. Shreya (ஷ்ரேயா) – “Favorable” or “Best”
  9. Janani (ஜனனி) – “Mother” or “Source of life”
  10. Saranya (ஸரண்யா) – “Refuge” or “Protection”

These names are commonly used in Tamil-speaking communities and have beautiful meanings. When selecting a name for your baby, consider what resonates with your family and the significance of the name.

Tamil Baby Boy and Girl Names

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