Islamic Names For Boys In Urdu With English Meaning

Muhammad (محمد)“Praiseworthy” (One of the most popular names in the Muslim world, after the Prophet Muhammad).
Ahmed (احمد)“Praiseworthy” (A variant of Muhammad).
Ali (علی)“Exalted” (A name often associated with bravery and nobility).
Hassan (حسن)“Handsome” or “Good” (A name of virtue and beauty).
Hussein (حسین)“Good” (A name often associated with kindness and virtue).
Ishaq (اسحاق)“Isaac” (A prophet’s name, associated with patience and virtue).
Yusuf (یوسف)“Joseph” (A name associated with beauty and virtue).
Abdullah (عبداللہ)“Servant of Allah” (A common name that reflects submission to God).
Omar (عمر)“Long-lived” or “Famous” (The name of a caliph and a companion of the Prophet).
Talha (طلحہ)“A type of tree” (A name often associated with nature and beauty).
Bilal (بلال)“Moisture” or “Freshness” (The name of one of the Prophet’s companions).
Rayyan (ریان)“Luxuriant” or “Plentiful” (A name associated with blessings).
Zain (زین)“Beauty” or “Grace” (A name reflecting physical and inner beauty).
Hamza (حمزہ)“Lion” (A name associated with strength and bravery).
Zayd (زید)“Abundance” or “Growth” (A name reflecting prosperity).
Qasim (قاسم)“One who divides” (A name associated with fairness and justice).
Sufyan (سفیان)“A person who walks fast” (A name often associated with swiftness).
Tariq (طارق)“Morning star” or “He who knocks at the door” (A name associated with guidance and enlightenment).
Imran (عمران)“Long-lived” (The name of the father of the Virgin Mary in Islamic tradition).
Ismail (اسماعیل)“Hearing” or “God listens” (The name of a prophet in Islam).
These names are not only popular in Urdu-speaking communities but are also widely used in Muslim communities around the world. Please note that the meanings of names can vary slightly, and different sources may provide slightly different interpretations. It’s always a good idea to consult with religious scholars or elders for more specific guidance on choosing a name for your child.

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