Islamic Girls Name in Urdu

Here is a list of some Islamic girls’ names in Urdu along with their meanings:

  1. Amina (امینہ) – Trustworthy
  2. Fatima (فاطمہ) – Captivating
  3. Maryam (مریم) – The Arabic name for Mary, the mother of Jesus
  4. Khadija (خدیجہ) – Trustworthy, the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s first wife
  5. Ayesha (عائشہ) – Lively, living
  6. Zainab (زینب) – Name of a fragrant flower
  7. Hafsa (حفصہ) – Gathering or a cub
  8. Safa (صفا) – Purity, clarity
  9. Sara (سارہ) – Pure, excellent
  10. Mariya (ماریہ) – Purity, virtuous
  11. Saba (صبا) – Breeze, morning air
  12. Sumaya (سمیعہ) – High above, sublime
  13. Anaya (عنایہ) – Caring, God’s gift
  14. Naima (نعمہ) – Comfort, blessing
  15. Hira (حرہ) – Diamond
  16. Rahma (رحمہ) – Mercy, compassion
  17. Inaya (عنایہ) – Concern, care
  18. Iqra (اقرا) – To recite, read
  19. Zara (زارا) – Blossom, flower
  20. Layla (لیلی) – Night

These are just a few examples, and there are many more beautiful Islamic names for girls in the Urdu language, each with its own unique meaning and significance. When choosing a name for a child, it’s important to consider both the name’s meaning and its cultural or religious significance to the family.

Islamic Girls Name in Urdu

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