Islamic Baby Boy Names With B

  1. Bilal (بلال) – Moist or refreshing.
  2. Bilaluddin (بلال الدين) – Moisture of religion.
  3. Bashir (بشير) – Bringer of good news.
  4. Bader (بدر) – Full moon.
  5. Barir (برير) – Faithful or pious.
  6. Basir (بصير) – Seeing or perceptive.
  7. Basharat (بشارة) – Good news or glad tidings.
  8. Bahram (بهرام) – Sacred, victory.
  9. Burhan (برهان) – Proof or evidence.
  10. Badrinath (بدريناث) – Lord of the full moon.
  11. Bishr (بشر) – Joy or gladness.
  12. Bilqis (بلقيس) – Queen of Sheba.
  13. Basil (باسل) – Brave or valiant.
  14. Barakah (بركة) – Blessing or abundance.
  15. Bahij (بهيج) – Joyful or cheerful.
  16. Bariq (بريق) – Shining or glowing.
  17. Barzan (برزان) – High or prominent.
  18. Badri (بدري) – Like the full moon.
  19. Badi’ (بديع) – Incomparable or unique.
  20. Basilio (باسيليو) – Kingly or royal.
  21. Baqir (باقر) – Deep thinker or insightful.
  22. Bahjat (بهجت) – Delight or joy.
  23. Buraid (بريد) – Cold or refreshingly cool.
  24. Basharat (بشارة) – Good news or glad tidings.
  25. Basim (باسم) – Smiling or cheerful.
  26. Bari (باري) – Creator or maker.
  27. Bahar (بهار) – Spring or prime of life.
  28. Bilaluddin (بلال الدين) – Moisture of religion.
  29. Badee (بديع) – Wonderful or unique.
  30. Barakat (بركات) – Blessings or divine favors.
  31. Bashir (بشير) – Bringer of good news.
  32. Binyamin (بنيامين) – Son of the right hand.
  33. Bashar (بشر) – Bringer of good news.
  34. Bishara (بشارة) – Good news or glad tidings.
  35. Basil (باسل) – Brave or courageous.
  36. Barid (بريد) – Cold or refreshing.
  37. Barir (برير) – Pious or righteous.
  38. Barzan (برزان) – High or prominent.
  39. Bakir (باكر) – Early riser or vigilant.
  40. Bishr (بشر) – Joy or gladness.
  41. Barri (باري) – Creator or maker.
  42. Basit (باسط) – Generous or benevolent.
  43. Bahi (باهي) – Beautiful or radiant.
  44. Bassam (بسام) – Smiling or cheerful.
  45. Birkan (بركان) – Force or strength.
  46. Baha (بهاء) – Glory or splendor.
  47. Badrul (بدرول) – Full moon.
  48. Bashr (بشر) – Joyful or cheerful.
  49. Budur (بدور) – Full moons.
  50. Birj (بيرج) – Tower or height.

Choosing an Islamic name for a child is a common practice among Muslim families and carries several reasons and significance:

  1. Religious Identity: Islamic names often reflect the child’s identity as a Muslim, reminding them of their faith and values from a young age.
  2. Spiritual Connection: Many Islamic names have meanings related to the attributes of God, Islamic history, or Quranic references. This can help instill a sense of spirituality and connection to the religion.
  3. Tradition and Culture: Naming children with Islamic names is a deeply ingrained cultural and religious tradition among Muslims.
  4. Blessings: It is believed that choosing a good and meaningful Islamic name can bring blessings to the child’s life.
  5. Prayer and Supplication: Naming a child is often accompanied by prayers and supplication, asking for God’s guidance and protection for the child.
  6. Respect for Prophet Muhammad: Many Muslims name their children after the Prophet Muhammad or his family members out of love, respect, and admiration for him.
  7. Unique Significance: Islamic names often have specific meanings that convey positive qualities or characteristics that parents may wish for their child to possess.
  8. Identity in the Muslim Community: An Islamic name can help a child feel a stronger sense of belonging and identity within the Muslim community.
  9. Family and Ancestral Tradition: Some names are passed down through generations, carrying the history and traditions of the family.

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