Hamza Name Meaning In urdu

The name “Hamza” has Arabic origins and is also used in Urdu. In Arabic, Hamza (حمزة) is derived from the word “hamuza,” which refers to the strong and steady one. In Urdu, the name retains a similar meaning. It is a popular name for boys in many Muslim-majority countries.

As for the lucky number associated with the name Hamza, it is common in various cultures to assign numerical values to letters of the alphabet and then derive a sum for a name. In Arabic, each letter has a numerical value according to the Abjad system. The numerical value for Hamza is 8 (ح = 8, م = 40, ز = 7, ة = 0, ا = 1).

So, the lucky number for the name Hamza, based on the Abjad system, would be 8.

It’s important to note that beliefs about lucky numbers can vary among different cultures and individuals, and the concept of lucky numbers is often considered more of a cultural or personal belief than a universal truth.

Hamzaانگریزی نام
شیر پھاڑنے والا، حضور کے چچا کا ناممعنی
محمد حمزہ، حمزہ مقبول، حمزہ عمر، حمزہ جعفرتفصیل
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