Spanish Names with Meaning

Spanish Names with Meaning

Here’s a list of 100 Spanish names with their meanings: Male Names: Female Names: 34. Adela – Noble, serene. Unisex Names: 57. Ángel – Angel. Unique and Less Common Names: 65. Alondra – Lark. Spanish Word Names: 74. Aurora – Dawn. Names with Nature Meanings: 79. Aitana – Glory. Classic Names with Historical Significance: 82. … Read more

Islamic Names For Boys In Urdu With English Meaning

Muhammad (محمد) “Praiseworthy” (One of the most popular names in the Muslim world, after the Prophet Muhammad). Ahmed (احمد) “Praiseworthy” (A variant of Muhammad). Ali (علی) “Exalted” (A name often associated with bravery and nobility). Hassan (حسن) “Handsome” or “Good” (A name of virtue and beauty). Hussein (حسین) “Good” (A name often associated with kindness … Read more

Baby Boy Name Start With A

Name Meaning Ahmed Praiseworthy Ali Exalted Amir Leader Amin Trustworthy Ayman Blessed Asad Lion Ahsan The Best Aziz Beloved Anas Friend Adnan Settler Arif Knowledgeable Aariz Respectable Abdul Servant of God (prefix) Azhar Bright Aqil Intelligent Asim Protector Ayaz Night Breeze Aaraf Knowledgeable Ayaan Gift of God Religious Significance: Names in Islam often carry religious … Read more