Baby Boy Names Muslim

Here are 50 Muslim baby boy names with their meanings:

  1. Muhammad: The name of the Prophet of Islam, meaning “Praised” or “Praiseworthy.”
  2. Ahmed: A variation of Muhammad, meaning “Highly Praised” or “One who praises God.”
  3. Ali: Meaning “Exalted” or “Noble.”
  4. Omar: Meaning “Long-lived” or “Follower of the Prophet.”
  5. Hassan: Meaning “Handsome” or “Good.”
  6. Hussein: A variation of Hassan, meaning “Beautiful” or “Good.”
  7. Bilal: The name of one of the Prophet’s companions, meaning “Moist” or “Fresh.”
  8. Youssef: The Arabic form of Joseph, meaning “God will add” or “He will increase.”
  9. Kareem: Meaning “Generous” or “Noble.”
  10. Mustafa: Meaning “Chosen” or “Selected.”
  11. Amin: Meaning “Trustworthy” or “Faithful.”
  12. Tariq: Meaning “Morning Star” or “He who knocks at the door.”
  13. Jamal: Meaning “Beauty” or “Grace.”
  14. Karim: A variation of Kareem, meaning “Generous” or “Kind.”
  15. Zayd: Meaning “Abundance” or “Growth.”
  16. Isma’il: The Arabic form of Ishmael, meaning “God hears.”
  17. Musa: The Arabic form of Moses, meaning “Drawn out of the water.”
  18. Suleiman: The Arabic form of Solomon, meaning “Peace” or “Man of Peace.”
  19. Idris: Meaning “Interpreter” or “Studious.”
  20. Samir: Meaning “Companion in evening talk” or “Entertaining companion.”
  21. Rafiq: Meaning “Companion” or “Friend.”
  22. Imran: Meaning “Prosperity” or “Long-lived.”
  23. Rayyan: Meaning “Gates of Heaven” or “One who is satisfied with life.”
  24. Hadi: Meaning “Guide” or “Leader.”
  25. Malik: Meaning “King” or “Master.”
  26. Sadiq: Meaning “Truthful” or “Honest.”
  27. Rashid: Meaning “Righteous” or “Guided.”
  28. Ilyas: The Arabic form of Elias, meaning “Yahweh is God.”
  29. Zain: Meaning “Grace” or “Beauty.”
  30. Usman: Meaning “Baby Snake” or “Young serpent.”
  31. Talha: Meaning “Fruitful tree” or “Lucky.”
  32. Nasir: Meaning “Helper” or “Supporter.”
  33. Faris: Meaning “Knight” or “Horseman.”
  34. Saif: Meaning “Sword” or “Sword of Islam.”
  35. Aariz: Meaning “Respectable man” or “Pious.”
  36. Nabil: Meaning “Noble” or “Generous.”
  37. Qasim: Meaning “One who distributes” or “Divider.”
  38. Imad: Meaning “Support” or “Pillar.”
  39. Arman: Meaning “Wish” or “Desire.”
  40. Kamil: Meaning “Perfect” or “Complete.”
  41. Laith: Meaning “Lion” or “Brave.”
  42. Zakariya: The Arabic form of Zachariah, meaning “Remembered by God.”
  43. Ayaan: Meaning “Gift of God” or “Generous.”
  44. Riyad: Meaning “Gardens” or “Meadows.”
  45. Adnan: Meaning “Settler” or “Inhabitant.”
  46. Sami: Meaning “Elevated” or “Sublime.”
  47. Waleed: Meaning “Newborn” or “Son.”
  48. Jawad: Meaning “Generous” or “Liberal.”
  49. Anwar: Meaning “Brighter” or “Radiant.”
  50. Yasin: A name from the Quran, often associated with a chapter in the Quran.

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